Are your kids spending enough time in active play?

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We thought we would kick off the year with some thoughts and guidelines for activity levels in children – something to ponder over, and hopefully plan around, to give your children the best chance for fitness and health. The Canadian Physical Activity guidelines say the following:   INFANTS Infants under 1 year should be physically active several times a day by engaging in interactive floor-based play. Being active as an infant means: tummy time, reaching for toys using some effort, playing or rolling on the floor, crawling or walking around the house TODDLERS and PRESCHOOLERS Toddlers (aged 1 to 2 years) and preschoolers (2 to… Read More »

How much television should kids be watching?


                      We are often asked by parents just how much television or electronic media time they should be exposing their young kids to, and they are equally often shocked when we tell them that research suggests the answer is very little, or none at all! While TV can often be the convenient answer for a bit of peace and quiet or an hour or two to keep the kids busy while you get something else done, there are dozens of alternative play or reading options that can keep your kids busy while providing positive stimulation… Read More »