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25 Piece Magnetic Building Set - SmartMax

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Get read to build imaginative new creations with this 25 Piece Magenetic Building Set from Smartmax. Safe magnetic fun! This award winning building set from SmartMax is an excellent alternative to conventional building blocks. The magnetic bonding allows 3-D construction and will stretch the creative skills of your child whether they are 2 or 10! The 25 Piece Set includes: 

  • 12 Medium Size Bars
  • 4 Long Bars
  • 9 Magnetic Joiner Balls

Suitable for:


Girl & Boy


  • Bean Sprouts (2-3 years)
  • Pre-school Beans (3-5 years)
  • Early School Beans (5-8 years)
  • Big Beans (8+ years)



The smartmax magnetic building set is nicely made, quality is great, magnets and strong enough to hold the construction together. Size is great for a small kid to hold. I purchased it for my year 4 old son, but the 10 year old likes to play with it as well.


I gave this to my 3 year old son for his 3rd birthday. He LOVES them. I enjoy playing along with him. I am very pleased with the quality and functionality of the toy. I'll buy more. The only downside, in my opinion is that the 25 piece set didn't seem like enough to build anything substantial. Buy this set for small toddlers who would be fascinated by the colors and magnets themselves. You WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUILD A TOWER with the 25 piece set. You have enough to build some simple cubes, shapes. You need to buy the bigger sets.

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