Our first blog on…..what else but child development!

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For our very first post we wanted to talk to something that is close to our heart – child development. At Brightbeans we believe that great fun and child development should go hand in hand. Play is the way children learn about and engage with the world around them, while developing the fundamental building-block skills that will enable them to perform and excel as they grow. There is no better way to encourage constructive play than with a well-chosen toy!

What is Child Development

We are always looking for toys thatĀ are not only great fun to play with, but alsoencourage active development of one or more of the key developmental skills. These skills are the foundation of your child’s ability to function both now, and later in life.

The key developmental skills are:

Sensory skills

Your child’s ability to collect and interpret the information they receive through their senses, which allows them to make sense of the world around them and select appropriate responses to sensory inputs.

Motor skills

The movement of large and small muscle groups that allow your child to be physically active and to develop balance, co-ordination and precision movements.

Learning skills

A range of cognitive capabilities that enable your child to process the wide range of information they receive in order to solve problems and make decisions.

Communication skills

How your child learns to share information, thoughts and emotions, both verbally and non-verbally, with those around them.

Imagination & Creativity skills

Your child’s ability to conjure ideas and thoughts that are not necessarily right in front of them, and turn those thoughts into reality through expression.


For an age-based milestone chart you can download our Development Chart: