Why Dolls Play is so Good for Child Development

The doll is one of those toys which has been around for generations, and continues to delight boys and girls alike. There are so many good reasons for your little ones to play with dolls (boys and girls)…read on to see why

Dolls help to develop your child’s cognitive, fine motor and self- help skills, as they act out care routines and dress the doll.

The developmental benefits in terms of speech and language go without saying – your toddler can learn body parts, types of clothing, and can practice their language skills while playing.

Children use play to understand their world. Doll play helps children:

  • practice nurturing and caring routines
  • re-enact interactions they have had with others
  • prepare for a sibling, or copy what their mom does with a sibling, enabling them to feel part of the routine

There are so many types of dolls to choose from; including baby dolls. Dolls house families, paper dolls, magnetic dress up dolls, and many more.

Have a look at some of the wonderful dolls we have to choose from, and get your kids developing so many important skills while they have many hours of fun.