Strong to the Core – Developing Children’s Core Strength through Exercise & Play

If you have ever done pilates, or other similar forms of exercise, you will know that strengthening the core is key. Why is this so important?

Your core (which is essentially the muscles in your trunk – the abdominals and back muscles) forms a stable base from which the muscles of the shoulders and pelvis develop. This is essential for good function of the arms and legs. Core stability develops over the first four months of life, when a baby spends time playing on his back and tummy against gravity, and this sets the scene for what is to come from a physical point of view.

Core stability is especially important for classroom function. If a child’s core stability is poor, he may have difficulty keeping himself up against gravity (i.e. sitting at a desk), and with fine motor function. All this may affect work output, concentration and work pace.

What activities are good for core stability?

  • Swimming, gymnastics, ballet and karate (if done properly) are excellent choices
  • Riding bikes, climbing and exploring playground apparatus

So get your kids out there, and using those core muscles to build up the strength they need to reach their full potential!

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