Product Review – Three Little Piggies from Smart games

This is a logic game from Smart Games, which is marketed for 3 year olds to 6 year olds. We tried it with a 3 ½ year old and a 5 ½ year old.

The game:

Three Little Piggies is graded into 4 levels of difficulty, and each level is marked and colour coded. There  are also two ways to play: day challenges, and night challenges.

Day challenges: These don’t include the wolf, and the piggies are free to roam around their houses. The board is set up according to the challenge in the book, and the aim is to correctly place the pieces around the pigs, so that they all fit on the board, and no pigs are inside their houses.

Night challenges: These include the pigs and the wolf. Mr Wolf is prowling around, so he has to remain outside the houses, and the aim is to correctly place the pieces so that each pig is in a house.

Solutions are on the next page for each challenge.



The game comes in a robust box, and consists of a well-made thick plastic base plate, 3 different shaped pieces with a house on each, 3 pink rubber pigs, and a dark grey rubber wolf. It also includes a hard-cover story book, with pictures and no words. The quality is excellent. The pieces were all dropped a number of times by our little reviewers and are extremely robust.




Our little testers had great fun playing this game. The 3 ½ year old found it challenging to start, but caught on to the aim quickly, and asked to do more and more. The 5 ½ year old found the Expert and Master categories fairly challenging, and also asked to keep going. We asked them both if it was a fun game, and were met with a resounding ‘yes’! Neither remembered the solutions, and each challenge was new to them.

Both tried the story book, and told their own versions of the story based on the illustrations which are very detailed.

Developmental benefits:

There are many developmental benefits from this game: Setting up the challenges requires spatial and perceptual skills as pieces are positioned in the correct squares. The variety of shapes and sizes also develop fine motor skills TLP4TLP2during manipulation of the pieces.

Solving the challenges requires a lot of problem solving and planning skills, which is excellent for cognition. It also uses perceptual and spatial skills as the child has to see which shapes are able to fit where, or they have to manipulate pieces, and try and see what shapes are available and where they may fit.

Our little testers enjoyed playing with the pieces on their own as well, and made up games with the pigs, wolf and houses, which encourages creativity.

The story book is a wonderful tool to encourage creativity, language and communication as the child has to tell the story using their own words, sequencing and intonation using the illustrations in the book.


All in all, a great game, which encourages and develops many skills. Most appropriate age range: 3 – 5 years.

Our Rating – 4/5 Beans

4 Beans

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