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Code Master is a puzzle board game that takes players on the ultimate coding adventure. Players learn how to step through code to understand the logic and sequence behind a computer’s actions. Players will be entertained while developing an understanding of computer programming principles – no computer required. Perfect for parents wanting to increase their children’s interest in computer programming in line with the current national curriculum, by making coding exciting and building a child’s understanding of key concepts.


With ThinkFun’s Codemaster, players learn the fundamentals of computer programming logic in a fun and entertaining way. On each level, players program an avatar to harvest power crystals and reach the destination portal. The program is written using a flowchart called a Guide Scroll, which illustrates the shape of the required program. Players must think carefully because only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success. Code Master’s rules of program execution help kids understand how a real computer executes programs, building a powerful mental model of how computers operate. The game’s 60 logic puzzles, for ages 8 and up, gradually increase in difficulty, introducing fundamental programming concepts and strengthening a child’s ability to think like a computer and visualize the outcome of their coded instructions.


Box Contains

1 Avatar

1 Portal

6 Crystals

10 Maps with 60 Levels

12 Guide Scrolls

12 Action Tokens

8 Conditional Tokens

Instruction Manual with solutions



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